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Team Foundation Server (TFS) provides a platform to manage code sources (using TFSC or GIT repositories). It will also help us to implement a continous integration throw build definitions. To get to the point, we will see how to implement a real build definition with an on-premise server. Please note this is an old fashioned way and if I had to do it again nowaday, I would use vNext build definitions with powershell scripts on Azure servers. I write this article based on notes I wrote during the setup of CI for my company.

1. Create a new project in TFS
2. Automatic incrementation of the build number
3. Name the output directory using version number
4. Build deprecated Setup Projects (.vdproj) with TFS 2013
5. Build preconfigured ClickOnce packages with TFS for multiples environments
6. Build WebDeploy package with TFS for multiples environments

Last modified: 25 January 2018



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