1. Create a new project in VSTS
2. Automatic incrementation of the build number
3. Name the output directory using version number
4. Build deprecated Setup Projects (.vdproj) with TFS 2013
5. Build preconfigured ClickOnce packages with TFS for multiples environments
6. Build WebDeploy package with TFS for multiples environments


Main goal: Host sources on Visual Studio Online then configure our own Build Server.

Why we are not using the default hosted build controller provided by VSO ?

Cloud On-premise
Strenghts – Always up to date (Microsoft promotes its hosted environment -Customizations

VSO provides an on-premises build controller (use cases available on https://www.visualstudio.com/en-us/get-started/build/hosted-build-controller-vs ). It’s very useful for small C# project but there are significant limitations.


The solution architecture I want to build

First we need to get the assembly version. In the solution I want to build, there are a lot of projects of differents types (ClickOnce, WebDeploy package,…). There is no reason to have a version number per project. So I created a single file SharedAssembly.cs which is referenced by others projets. That’s an important key I used to write the build definition.

Last modified: 6 February 2018



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